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How GPS and Real-Time Tracking Help Emergency Medical Services Save Lives

Time is of the essence when it comes to dispatching emergency service vehicles. GPS and real-time tracking may not be the first thing that come to mind in such times of need, but they play an important role in getting the fleet and first responders from point A to point B in a safe and time-sensitive manner.

Better Response Times
Depending on the day, an emergency service vehicle can be at any given number of locations, like a hospital, its home base, or a gas station for fuel. GPS tracking systems aid in figuring out which vehicle is closest to the location of the emergency on hand, resulting in a better response time. The Spytec GPS Platform provides a comprehensive map to help determine where each vehicle is in respect to one another and can aid in which to dispatch. EMS fleets can also monitor trip duration on the Spytec GPS Platform to see which routes are the fastest.

Safety Behind the Wheel
Ambulance drivers typically drive a lot faster than commercial vehicles in order to get to the location of the emergency as quickly as possible. While this is mostly beneficial, an increase in speed can also increase the likelihood of an accident. GPS and real-time tracking promote safer driving by making sure drivers aren’t surpassing the max speed of around 70–80 miles per hour. The Spytec GPS Platform also has user-friendly activity cards to see how many stops a vehicle makes. This can help to see if an emergency service vehicle is idling for too long in one location or making unnecessary trips.

Error-Free Billing
GPS trackers also help emergency services with paper-free reporting of each trip, which provide detailed documentation of mobile unit data, such as mileage or fuel expenditure. Since this historical data provides solid proof that each bill is 100-percent accurate, vital time is no longer wasted on dealing with customer disputes. Less time on processing means more time improving the efficiency of the fleet and helping to save lives.

Both the Spytec GPS Hardwired Tracker and the OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker are compatible with emergency service vehicles. Check out our vehicle tracker blog to see which is better for your fleet.