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Spytec GPS is Now Powered by Google Maps: Here’s What That Means

It’s official: Spytec GPS is powered by Google Maps, which means our customers now enjoy the best map-viewing experience available on both our desktop and mobile applications! And that’s just one of many upgrades we have planned for the near future.

With this exciting change, you’ll be able to view your map in a few different ways.


New Map Highlights

3D Zoom

View building density when zoomed in along a route (i.e., while using follow mode) to better understand your tracker’s precise location.

Dark Mode

Dark backgrounds and light trackers give you a high-contrast view that’s easy on the eyes.

Light Mode

View maps in the classic tones you’ve come to expect from the best-in-class mapping technology: Google Maps.

Satellite Mode

View robust, true-to-life details of terrain and property with this enhanced map imaging.

In addition to new mapping technology, we’re introducing a bundle of additional feedback-driven features to enhance the user experience.


New Tracker Icons

As part of this software release, you’ll have 10 new tracker icons to use. That way, you can quickly understand where each item is located without clicking into tracker details. We’ve designed these icons based on our customers’ most frequently tracked vehicles and assets, so you can find an icon that matches what you’re tracking. 


Alerts with Specified Time of Occurrence

We've adjusted the language for our alerts and notifications to provide additional context around the type of trigger and the exact time it happened. So, instead of seeing that a vehicle completed its trip 10 minutes ago, you’ll see that the vehicle completed its trip at 12:45 PM. That way, even if you don’t read the alert immediately after receiving it, you have a clear idea of when the activity occurred.


Distance and Duration Filters in the Activities Report

You can now run Tracker Activities reports based on trip distance and duration. This will allow you to identify, for example, all trips longer than 5 miles but shorter than 20 miles. Or, you could pinpoint all trips greater than 15 minutes but less than an hour. 


New Help Options in the Web Application

The help options available in the web application—that is, the version of the Spytec GPS application typically accessed via a laptop or desktop computer—now match the options available in the mobile version of the application. That means web application users can now use the chat bot, fill out the contact form, and navigate to the Help Center.


Different Login Page Layout

The Spytec GPS login page also has a new look with a new tracker activation button. So, whenever you add a new tracker to your account, all you have to do is click the button to activate it.


Have questions about any of these changes or features? Visit our Help Center and click or tap the blue chat icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable support agents.