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What Customers are Saying

  • Easy-to-Use Software

    "Neat devices that we use to track our work fleet. Logistics and efficiency improve dramatically. We can see where our vehicles are and anticipate delivery times for our customers. We can reroute personnel and keep an eye on employee activity. Easy to use software but you will probably need to email customer support to get them configured correctly. No worries, they emailed back within minutes and got it all running."

    - Dolph F.

  • Very Pleased with the Purchase

    "We're a small business who purchased 2 trackers for our vehicles to better schedule service calls that come in during business hours. So far I am very pleased with the purchase."

    - Brian

  • Would Recommend to All

    "This product came quickly, as promised, and gave accurate GPS data. I would recommend it to all my business associates!"

    - Tommy V.

  • Very Reliable and Accurate

    "I'm very happy with this product. The present or past location of the vehicle is very reliable and accurate and can be accessed very quickly and easily through your computer with zero technical difficulties or problems. The battery charge lasts for weeks and can be monitored through

    your computer."

    - Elizabeth

  • Perfect for My Business

    "Perfect for my business! It is easy to use and I'm so happy with the product."

    - Beto

  • Awesome

    "Everything about this company is awesome. I definitely recommend doing business with them, as I will as needed in the future!"

    - William S.

  • Great Product

    "Great product for my business. On my second unit now and working on more to add. Thank you."

    - Quality Time Rentals

  • Best Decision I’ve Made

    "Absolutely the best decision I’ve made. Gives me peace of mind in the business industry."

    - Gabriel R.

  • Wonderful

    "This little gadget is wonderful. It's always accurate and I can find all my business vehicles instantly."

    - Brandee W.

  • Works Amazing

    "Absolutely perfect transaction. Tracker works amazing and easy to use. Got the information we needed to make productive changes within

    our staff."

    - Louis A.

  • Service was Outstanding

    "I ordered the tracker and it worked perfectly and the service provided was awesome. The tech guys were very helpful and fast (even with all my questions). The tracker lasted for 2 weeks on a single charge and I also ordered the magnetic box which I used under the car with no problems at all— again, best investment (I did get my answers) and the service was totally outstanding. I highly recommend the device and service if you ever need to track anything. I will for sure come back again if ever needed in the future."

    - Diana

  • Wish I’d Bought Months Ago

    "Great product. Highly recommend this to anyone in the market for one. Accuracy is spot on. You need to buy the weatherproof case to be able to mount under a car. The magnets are super strong. No need to ever worry about it coming off. I wish I would have bought this months ago!"

    - Alan R.

  • Extremely Accurate

    "The Spytec tracking device is an excellent tracker for my patrol vehicles. Extremely accurate for my business. I just need to keep learning how to use it better. Asking questions online has been a very big help. I have 2 now and will be buying more trackers. Thank you for a very good product."

    - Arthur S.

  • Great for Multiple Vehicles

    "Great for business tracking even for

    multiple vehicles."

    - Julie C.

  • Working Great

    "Amazing! It’s working great for my business. It’s worth the purchase."

    - Andrew M.

  • Could Not Be More Happy

    "Outstanding company to do business with. I had a few issues initially but the company bent over backwards to resolve them. I felt like I was more than just a $100 customer, more like a $100,000 customer. The product worked as advertised. I could not be more happy with the product AND the customer service."

    - Gene S.

  • Would Recommend to Anyone

    "So far it's lived up to all the reviews I had read, and I’d recommend it to anyone needing to keep tabs on personal or business items."

    - Jeremy B.

  • Reports Are Great

    "I purchased this tracker for business purposes. It was easy to install on a company vehicle and provided the information I needed to track an employee I suspected of goofing off throughout the day. The live tracking is easy to follow and the reports are great to include in employee files for future reference. The battery has a long life and the data reported was accurate. I would recommend this to anyone."

    - E. P.

  • Best in the Business

    "Super fast shipping and super accurate tracking. Definitely the best in the business!"

    - Dayron M.

  • Very Sturdy

    "Very sturdy. My trucks have to go out in the oilfield business, so the roads are very rough and these cases are very strong to hold onto the trucks, especially with the roads they go through."

    - Teresa E.

  • Best Customer Service

    "Best customer service in any business. Not only resolved any issues I had but also took to heart honest feedback. Definitely the best

    in the business!"

    - Ken S.