Track a loved one
Protect Loved Ones

Be there when you can’t be there.

    Stay Informed

    Keep track of the people you love

    • Create boundaries

      Get notified when a loved one arrives at or leaves a trusted location.

    • Personalize alerts

      Decide what’s relevant to you, and only receive those notifications.

    • Add multiple users

      Share information with everyone who needs it, and control the data they can access.

    • Keep information safe

      Your privacy is our priority. Your data is encrypted and secure.

    Track Movement
    Track Movement
    Track Movement

    You can’t always be with them, but you can know where they are.

    Create a boundary and receive alerts when your loved one enters or exits that area.

    Track Movement

    What others are saying

    “I receive alerts when my daughter arrives at a trusted environment like school or her doctor’s office.” Jason S.

    App Experience

    Simple, powerful, customizable.