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Go-To Guide: Geofencing

How Does Geofencing Work?
Geofencing uses GPS and real-time tracking software to create a virtual boundary around a given location. Most apps and software, like the Spytec GPS Platform, trigger alerts through text messages or emails to let the owner of the tracker know when it enters or exits the set geofence.

How Geofences Are Used Today
Individuals and enterprises alike use geofences to keep track of an array of assets, including valuables and vehicles, within a defined boundary. Businesses can especially benefit from geofencing. A car dealership may use geofences to spot customers who test-drive vehicles beyond the set perimeter of their dealership. Alternatively, a construction company may use geofencing to ensure their cranes, bulldozers, and other equipment do not leave the premise of a client’s job site overnight. Even farmers can utilize geofencing. Many apply trackers to cattle to be sure they do not wander past the property of their farmland.

The Future of Geofencing
Everyday people are likely to benefit from geofencing as technology advances. A tracker embedded in a bracelet on your wrist could trigger lights to shut off or your door lock once you exit the set boundary of your home. Geofencing may also help streamline mail and package deliveries. If each piece of mail or package were to have a radio frequency identification tag, GPS and software apps could alert the recipient once it enters a boundary close to the address in which it is being delivered.

Spytec GPS Boundaries
Here at Spytec GPS, our geofence capabilities are called boundaries. Our user-friendly platform features a boundaries tab that creates a geofence around any chosen centerpoint address. The radius around the centerpoint can be set to any distance of your liking. The units of each tracker are also customizable, so you have the option to choose between miles, kilometers, feet, and yards. Alerts via SMS or email can be set to notify you once a tracker enters or exits the given boundary of a set location.

All of the Spytec GPS trackers have boundary capabilities.