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Go-To Guide: Real-Time Tracking

When it comes to GPS, you have the option between using a real-time tracker (the type we use at Spytec GPS) or a passive tracker. Real-time trackers use software so you can monitor the GPS location data remotely from a computer or smartphone. Passive trackers, on the other hand, must be removed from the device they are tracking to access the location data. Passive trackers are ideal for calculating the cumulative distance of a device, while real-time trackers are better for monitoring active assets like vehicles and valuables. 

How It Works

Real-time tracking is made possible by the use of satellites, the internet, and cellphone towers. Satellites circling the earth use GPS to determine where the tracker is located. 4G technology then pings this information off of a cell phone tower, which passes along location data to a software platform, like the Spytec GPS Platform.

What It’s Used For

Real-time tracking can help optimize an array of businesses and enterprises, from car dealerships and cleaning services, to moving companies, construction sites, and trucking fleets. Businesses often use this software to track company vehicles, manage valuable assets, and monitor the location of a team.

Real-time tracking also offers additional benefits beyond pulling live location data. It’s a crucial element to building cumulative reports which help companies analyze the operational side of their businesses. The longer the record of real-time data, the more insight is accrued. These reports often help businesses figure out how to better manage their time, save fuel by avoiding traffic and densely-populated roads, and gain insight on any additional infrastructure they may need.

Real-Time Tracking and Spytec GPS

All Spytec GPS devices, including the GL300 Tracker, OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker, and Hardwired GPS Tracker use an intricate system of global satellites and LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks with 4G mobile data. Right now, 4G mobile data is the fastest and most efficient technology for real-time tracking. Using leading technology, it can relay information up to ten times faster than 3G data. Pairing together the network of satellites and 4G LTE, Spytec GPS ensures pin-point location accuracy and lightning-speed real-time tracking.

After you’ve purchased a tracker and activated your account, this location data can be accessed through our user-friendly app, compatible with a desktop computer. Depending on the needs of your business, you can customize the app to trigger location and speed alerts, set boundaries, pull historical data, and run comprehensive reports. All of these features are available at your disposable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Want to know more about how real-time tracking can help better manage your business? Contact a Spytec GPS expert today.