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Go-To Guide: Spytec GPS Accessories

GPS tracking has so many different applications it can sometimes be difficult to understand which hardware best suits your needs. At Spytec GPS, our mission is to provide location-based solutions for every customer, whether they are an individual, a small business owner, or a large enterprise company. To that end, we offer trackers for every situation as well as a variety of accessories to help you customize your device.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your tracker, the Belt Holster and the M2 case are specifically designed for the GL300 series. These protective options provide a snug, secure fit to make sure your tracker stays where it’s supposed to be. The M2 case comes with two industrial-strength magnets that securely fasten the case to any metallic surface, such as the underside of a vehicle or heavy equipment. The exterior of the case is fully waterproof, crushproof, and impervious to dust and other particles, ensuring that the tracker will continue to function in any weather conditions. 

The GL300 is Spytec’s most versatile tracker, as it can be placed on any person, vehicle, or asset, but it has one limitation: though it has one of the longest battery lives in the business, it still must be removed for charging periodically. Our customers who choose the GL300 often want a long-term tracking solution but want to maintain the flexibility offered by an easily swappable wireless device. The Hardwire Kit and the Extended Battery Cases provide the extra charge your tracker needs without permanently attaching the tracker to any power source.

The Hardwire Kit effectively turns your GL300 series tracker into a Hardwired Tracker by connecting the GL300 to any modern vehicle. The difference between this solution and the Hardwired Tracker is that the GL300 can be easily removed at any time, without voiding any vehicle warranties. Once hooked up to the Hardwire Kit, the GL300 is continuously powered by the vehicle, perfect for long-term deployment. 

Our Extended Battery Cases guarantee that your tracker is both charged and protected. The M6 Extended Battery Case offers the same protectiveness as the M2, as well as the magnetic mounts for attaching your tracker to any metallic surface. The M6 provides your tracker up to six months of extended battery life, a true “set it and forget it” solution.

Spytec GPS offers several bundles to make shopping for your tracking solution easier and more cost-effective. In addition to tracker and case bundles, you can purchase the tracker in a two-pack, ideal for situations where multiple assets or individuals are moving around at once. 

At Spytec GPS, we understand that each customer has individual needs, and that the technology we offer is advanced. And, as always, we are available to answer any questions you might have.