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GPS for Monitoring Landscaping Assets

Regardless of the size of your landscaping company, you have equipment you can’t afford to lose, often sprawled across multiple job sites. Installing GPS trackers on your vehicles and equipment such as lawnmowers or generators will help your crew use their machinery more efficiently and help keep your assets secure.

Strengthen Your Security

If one of your company vehicles or pieces of equipment is ever stolen, your tracker will lead law enforcement straight to your asset, so it can be recovered swiftly. Using GPS boundary features, you can receive mobile alerts the moment your asset leaves a job site or another designated location, so you’ll know the moment a theft occurs.

Increase Efficiency

By using GPS trackers, you’ll always know where your equipment is and how long it has been on a job site. You’ll have a bird’s-eye view of your job sites and machinery, so it’s easier to see the big picture and direct your employees and equipment to where they can be most effective. 

The Spytec GPS Platform

Once you install a GPS tracker, you can monitor it in real-time using the Spytec GPS Platform. This straightforward, intuitive software lets you see all your trackers at once, and you can use convenient filters to hone in on the data you need. You can access the software with a computer or via mobile, so whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can always monitor your crew. Features like color-coding and customizable map views allow you to view your assets in a way that makes sense to you. 

The Best GPS Trackers for Landscaping Equipment

For landscaping companies, there are two main solutions we recommend: the GL300 Tracker and the M6 Pro XL Extended Battery Case + GL300 Tracker Bundle. Each of these provides an excellent balance of affordability and functionality, but which one is right for your company will depend on what you’re most focused on.

GL300 GPS Tracker

The GL300 is our bestselling tracker. This compact, battery-powered model can be tucked neatly out of sight, or placed in a magnetized case and affixed to any metallic surface, including under a vehicle. Installation and activation are quick and easy—simply place your tracker where you need it and start tracking in minutes.

M6 Pro XL Extended Battery Case + GL300 Tracker Bundle

The M6 Pro XL Extended Battery Case extends the battery life of your tracker by up to twelve times, which can give you an additional six months of battery life depending on usage. Keeping the tracker installed for such a long period not only eliminates the hassle of removing and charging the device, but also allows you to collect long-term data about your asset’s whereabouts and movements that you can use to optimize your workflow.

Choose the GPS tracking system that’s right for you

Take a look at our complete selection of GPS trackers for small businesses, and choose the option that best meets your company’s needs. For more help deciding on which device or bundle is perfect for you, check out our Product Finder. And, as always, we are available to answer any questions you might have.