GPS Tracking for Trailers
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GPS Tracking for Trailers

Whether you’re in the business of renting out trailers or you’re just using one personally, installing a GPS tracker will help you keep your property secure. You can attach one beneath your trailer or in another discreet location, and thieves and customers will never know it’s there.

Know where your trailers are at all times

When your customers are scattered across a large geographic area, it’s easy to lose track of which trailer is where. Even if your personal trailer is parked in your driveway, it only takes a moment for someone to hook it up and drive away with your property. But with GPS trackers (and the Spytec GPS platform behind them), you can monitor all of your GPS trackers in real-time, 24/7. 

Get alerts when they leave your property

Normally, you learn a trailer has been stolen when you physically see that it’s gone. But using advanced GPS features like geofencing, you can create a virtual perimeter around a designated location, such as your company campus, your private property, a marina, or a storage facility. Anytime your trailer leaves this location, you’ll get an alert via email, text message, or push notification—whatever you prefer.

Recover stolen trailers quickly

Without a GPS tracker, a stolen or missing trailer may never find its way back to you. But when you can monitor your trailer’s location in real-time, you can lead law enforcement straight to your property, or even recover it yourself.

The Spytec GPS platform 

Once you install a GPS tracker, you can monitor it using the Spytec GPS platform. This straightforward, intuitive software lets you see all your trackers at once, and you can use convenient filters to home in on the data you want. You can access it with a computer or via mobile, so whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can always keep track of your trailers.

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Get the best in GPS tracking

For trailers, there’s really just one GPS tracker you need to see: the GL300. It’s discreet, affordable, long-lasting, and highly customizable. With a magnetic case, you can easily attach it just about anywhere. You can also use accessories to make it waterproof and extend the battery life to up to six months. There’s a reason the GL300 is our best-selling GPS tracker, and it has more than 1,000 five star reviews.