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How To Choose The Best GPS Tracker For Your Fleet

Managing a fleet can be quite overwhelming, whether you’re a taxi cab company, moving service, construction site, or trucking fleet. That’s where GPS trackers come into play. By monitoring your vehicles’ locations, speed, and fuel status, you’ll be able to save precious time, money, and energy, and in turn, better optimize your business. 

There are a couple different GPS options to consider. At Spytec GPS, we recommend two vehicle-specific devices for your fleet—the Hardwired GPS Tracker and the OBD GPS Tracker. Both are compatible with all modern vehicles and display data in real time, but each have unique features that may be better-suited to your company’s individual needs. Not sure where to begin? Here’s a brief outline to help decide which option is best for your business.

Spytec OBD GPS Tracker

The Spytec OBD GPS Tracker is an easy-to-install and battery-free device that plugs directly into a car’s OBD port, usually located just beneath the steering wheel. This port is typically used by automotive technicians to pull data that can help diagnose any mechanical problems. The OBD GPS Tracker uses this data in a different way. In conjunction with GPS, it not only reads a car’s speed, fuel, and ignition status, but also provides real-time tracking to see where the car is located and any stops it has made along the way. Because the OBD GPS Tracker is easy to spot, it may be more useful for companies whose employees are aware their fleet is being tracked. This device is also ideal for swapping between different vehicles. If you run a shared taxi service, your employee can plug it in at the beginning of their shift and return it to you at the end of the day before they drive their vehicle back home.

Spytec Hardwired GPS Tracker

For a more discreet, long-term GPS solution, you may want to consider the Spytec Hardwired GPS Tracker. This tracker is installed beneath the dashboard of your vehicle by an automotive technician. Similar to the Spytec OBD GPS Tracker, once in place, the Hardwired GPS Tracker can monitor location, stops, speed, and fuel and ignition status in real time. Since this tracker is hardwired, it makes for a smart addition to a fleet that needs to be monitored 24 hours a day, like a trucking company or construction site. Its permanent installation also prevents any potential tampering or removal.

Regardless of which tracker you pick, you will be able to easily access its location data via the Spytec GPS App. Once the tracker is activated, you will start receiving immediate, real-time alerts to your smartphone or computer. To learn more about the app and our vehicle trackers, you can always contact one of our GPS experts.